Title:Efficacy and tolerance of a new silicone stent for the treatment of benign tracheal stenosis: preliminary results
Authors:Vergnon,J.M.; Costes,F.; Polio,J.C.
Journal: Chest 118: 422-6, 2000
Abstract:In inoperable patients with tracheal stenosis who are treated using silicone stents, stent migration occurs in 18.6% of cases. To decrease the migration rate, a new silicone stent with narrow central and larger distal parts is desribed. This study analyzes the stability and tolerance of this new stent. DESIGN: Preliminary prospective study conducted in two French university hospitals. PATIENTS: Thirteen inoperable patients with benign complex tracheal stenosis due to intubation or tracheotomy. INTERVENTIONS: Tracheal stent insertion was performed under general anesthesia with a rigid bronchoscope. The patients were followed up clinically up to stent removal, which was planned at 18 months. RESULTS: Stent insertion or removal was very simple and did not differ from other silicone stents. No migration occurred after a mean follow-up of 22.8 months. Minimal granuloma formation occurred in only one patient (7.7%). Sputum retention remained similar to that with other silicone stents and could be improved by a smoother internal wall. Stents have been removed in seven patients after a mean duration of 19.6 months, with a complete stenosis cure in four cases. CONCLUSION: This new stent combines the stability of the metallic stents and the tolerance and easy removal of straight silicone stents. This allows a prolonged use in order to obtain curative action