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ThoracicAnesthesia.com is an internet based education, information, and reference service for issues related to Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery.

This service is a free not-for-profit continuing medical education activity which is offered to all practitioners of Anesthesia and related areas of Medicine and Surgery. By clicking on the "Bronchial Anatomy Quiz" tab readers can complete a needs assessment of their knowledge of tracheo-bronchial anatomy, which is fundamental to the skill of lung isolation for thoracic anesthesia. After completion of the Quiz, using the user name and password generated for the Quiz, readers have access at any time to the Bronchoscopy Simulator which is an interactive teaching simultion of fiberoptic bronchoscopy. Also, after completing the Quiz, readers will have access to several review articles on Lung Isolation in the "Restricted Articles" section on the Homepage.
There will be a regular UPDATE of articles recently published in the medical literature and a selection of REVIEW ARTICLES pertaining to Thoracic Anesthesia.

Readers are encouraged to submit clinical questions or cases in the "Contact Us" section which will then be discussed and answered by members of the International Editorial Board. As questions are answered they will be indexed and posted on the Web site along with the discussion and will form a library for future reference.

Authors and readers are encouraged to submit summaries or abstracts of relevant published information from other sources.